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the call to discipleship to christ is “the call to join in working for the kingdom of god that is to come.”

“the point of reference of his expressions and renunciations, his activities and sufferings . . . is his call. it is to this, and not to himself, that he seeks to live. it is this that gives him identity and continuity — even, and indeed precisely, where he expends himself in non-identity. he does not require to preserve himself by himself, in constant unity with himself, but in surrendering himself to the work of mission he is preserved by the hope inherent in that mission. the callings, roles, conditions and claims which society lays upon him are therefore not to be examined in regard to whether and how they fully occupy his own self or estrange him from himself, but in regard to whether and how far they afford possibilities for the incarnation of faith, for the concretion of hope, and for earthly, historic correspondence with the hoped-for and promised kingdom of god and of freedom. the criterion for the choice of a calling, for changing our calling, for spare-time activities, as well as for the acceptance and shaping of the process of socialization, is constituted solely by the mission of christian hope.”

– jurgen moltmann, theology of hope


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a debate between american linguist, noam chomsky and french philosopher, michel foucault

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