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“it is poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

– mother theresa


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bring your own bag (here is the article in the kansas city star)

last night i went to hy-vee and brought my own bags with me. why would i do this? every little bit to cut back on excess trash, paper and plastic helps (articles on the impact of plastic bags). all done an attempt to try to be as green as we can be.

i must say it was a little awkward at the check out line when they started to put my groceries and i said i’ve got my own bag. but yeah for hy-vee for giving me a $0.05 discount for bringing my own bags.

molly just ordered some more bags from ecobags.com. you can check out their shopping systems to help get you started with your own bags. or you can check out totes at various stores around and put together your own ensemble. the advantage to ecobags.com is that the bags are made from either recycled material or organic.EcoBags logo

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