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here are the criteria of fairly traded products that the fair trade federation has put forward:

  1. paying fair wages in local context
  2. supporting participatory workplaces
  3. ensuring environmental sustainability
  4. supplying financial and technical support
  5. respecting cultural identity
  6. offering public accountability
  7. educating consumers (go here for more info)

so why is fair trade important? the tendency of western capitalism is drive, drive, drive for the bottom line. this means finding the cheapest and fastest way possible to create goods. whether intentionally done or not, this has led to exploitation of laborers and land. so, in america when we buy our mass produced coffee, we support economic practices that neglect human rights. we walk into our super stores and have no idea where the products come from, and what practices our money is supporting.

fair trade is an opportunity to stop and think. it is an opportunity to engage injustices that are occurring in our own backyard and around the world. it is an opportunity to hope for a better world where people matter, rather than making a profit.


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